Friday, October 21, 2005

Uses #1

Hemp is the most useful plant I know of!

Lets start with oil. Did you know a fine oil can be had from hemp seed that does not have the serious drawbacks petroleum has? You can make a gasoline that burns cleaner than the gasoline currently on the market. Not wanting to point fingers just at the US President Bush (George's nickname is shrub, to those who don't like him), but being an oilman would make it a conflict of interest for him to even look at opening up the US to producing hemp for fuel. As it is, he has made it illegal for the medical use of this wonder-weed and he is going to try and keep the pressure up as long as he has power. Gladly, all Presidents MUST step down and a new person will replace him. Bush did not start the ball rolling, that was done along time ago when W.R.Hearst ran the NEWS.(yes, Patty's Relations).
You had films like "Reefer Madness" that said smoking a joint would make you a crazed killer and rapist, then the war forced the government to do films like "Hemp for Victory". Then you got more stories about how Pot would make you passive and not want to fight. Well guys,which story are you going to make up now? Stick to one so we can blow it to bits and show the world the truth. NO ONE HAS EVER OVERDOSED ON POT!!! It makes some people nervous or sleepy or gigglely with a major case of the munchies, but not go crazy and kill someone. Give us a break.

All this is a Red Herring to force the medical and recreational uses of pot as the thing to fear and is trying to force the hemp plant in with pot plant catagory. Yes it is the same plant. If you want a higher THC level you grow and breed a certain type for that purpose. If you want fibre and nutrient rich seeds you breed for that type. It is simular to corn. You can breed for different qualities depending on the end use.
The Government in Canada knows the difference, but is afraid to mass produce hemp for fear of what Big Brother to the south will do. I say the same thing Trudeau said when he showed them the finger! We can do whatever the hell we want up here and if the US doesn't smarten up, we can sell our goods to a large Asian market. We sell our oil to the States. We sell just about everything else to the states. I say close the border for a month and see what the US would do! Knowing them, they would invade us (to protect their interests).
I am perhaps a bit out of line, but that is the way I feel. We have a Wonder-Weed that could be our salvation as a society, economy and environmentally yet we let a bunch of stupid, self-serving,greedy, egotists dictate what we can and cannot do in our own country.
That is my Rant for today.

How am I doing so far?

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