Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Marc

I was one of 4 people who held up "Free Marc" and "Go Away DEA" type signs in protest of Marc's shameful incarceration outside MP Van Kesteren's office here in Chatham. I just made 3 new friends and outed myself to my community as a freedom supporter (or everyone just thinks I am a stoner and I just want to smoke legally). These rallies are going to help the movement BECAUSE of the comradery. Dictator Harper has been doing everything to devide us as he unleases genicide on a group of Canadians (look up that word, it means not only to kill a group of people but it also means to kill the culture, just like what happened when Native Children where kidnapped away from their tribes and brutely force to become "White", not allowing them their heritage and speach. We all know how baddly that blew up in the government's face).

We are uniting - We will not go away - We will win. Get used to it! The Truth can not be stopped.


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