Monday, October 31, 2005

We halt this blog for a Green Party AGM

We will have you back to our regular blog in a matter of days.
Thank You. Michael.

Well, not a complete halt. Hemp is one of the most important plants the planet has to combat the continuing trend of big business and government pacification of, and stripping away the rights of, all citizens. This trend is not confined to just one country. One of the worst offenders is the US. Any government who attempts to micro-manage their citizen’s lives is guilty. The Green Party, as a political entity, is the only one that has a voice worldwide. All other parties are country specific.

I have been honoured with the responsibility of being a delegate for my riding. Those who do nothing politically, have nothing to complain about. I have bitching rights! I vote. Any time I am called to vote on anything at any level, I vote. If I don’t vote, I don’t have the right to complain. Governments want power and they gain power by controlling the people they govern. A self-sufficient person does not need much from the government. Keep the roads clean and upgraded, build bridges, keep order and assist individuals in co-operating to mutual benefit. That is the role good government should have. When the government does more, it interferes in the rights of individuals.

In the case of hemp, that interference has reached extremely high levels of stupidity or vicious cruelty. To them hemp is evil because it can give us all real freedom. Freedom from big business to make our own food, clothes, paper and fuel. If we could make our own, we would not need their inferior products.

In the meantime I will be going to the AGM and vote with my head and my heart. The other parties steal our policies and use them to look good to the public. They choose the easier “sexier” policies and walk away from the tough ones. I say lets make the best policies possible and hope they steal all of them. I do not care who is in power as long as the policies are implemented. Wish us luck.

Now – Stay tuned for the regular MYHEMP blog, due out sometime after the weekend.

Michael J. Kaer ,President of Kaer Enterprises (.com) and

Ps. I did not have internet access while I was away so I could not send this out till I got back. I'm back! I will get more information out in a day or so.


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