Sunday, November 23, 2008

My gal Pammy

here is a copy of a reply I sent to Melissa at the TVguide over an article about Pam Anderson asking Obama to legalize pot .

Hello Melissa.

I too am a Canadian and I have been a Hemp advocate for several years now I have a blog dedicated strictly to Hemp at where I will be putting a copy of this reply. I have used the arguement that as a taxpayer I want my money to going to fight real crime, not busting people for pot. I have said make it legal, tax it like cigarettes and put a portion of that money into rehabs. That would take money away from the dealers and organized crime, free up a lot of cops to do other , more producive things and it would cut all red tape that is now in the way of growing hemp. I don't agree with everything Pammy says or does, but this is one that I do wholeheartedly. Just for the record, I do not smoke , drink or do drugs.

Michael J. Kaer

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