Saturday, May 29, 2010

the backlash phase

Hi folks.

Medicinal Mike here. The 420 politics around legalization in the states is affecting the government of Canada. They are attempting to ram through manditory minimum sentences (which we know does not work and are being repealed in the states) and they have handed over Marc Emery. Marc, as we all know, is a big pain in the butt to lawmakers. They do not like having him around since he calls them on their crap all the time , every day. He has been at this for decades. He is a political prisoner who should be getting praise for the service he has performed, but instead gets the shaft. I think sending Marc to Jail is signalling the final phase in the battle to end prohibition. That phase is the backlash stage, just before everything we have been saying for years will suddenly become self-evident as common knowledge. Cannabis will be legal before or just after Marc gets out. 2015 is a long ways away. We nned to push all the harder for just a little while longer. It also means I have to step up to the plate and help with all the protests. One note on protests; I would rather fight FOR something then fight Against something. By focussing my anger on Dictator Harper and the Genicide he is embarking on, I am just giving him more power. I would rather foccus on Marc's freedom, which is a much higher, positive place to come from than anger.

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