Monday, March 21, 2011

Wow, what a week...

I seem to be saying sorry for not posting here often enough. Here is what has been keeping me busy. I am doing a lot more writing in other forms and doing research. On top of all that I House/Dog sit for friends so I may not have access to the internet at all times. I am involved in a support group for medical cannabis users who are MMAR card holders. We are working on a legal document outlining everyflaw in the MMAR that directly impacts on life. We have come up with 17 or 18 and counting. #15 is my contribution- about 5 million people in Canada do not have a doctor and the only way you can access this is through a doctor. I am thinking of a simple solution for that particular problem and that is have a list of all the medical condictions that Cannabis is good for and have a doctor OR ANY OTHER HEALTH PROFESSIONAL including people like RMT's to sign saying yes, this person has one or more of the illnesses listed. Period, end of story--- That would get all the doctors off the hook. As long as you had that signed form, you could start to grow your own or buy from a dispensary. As implied, cafes and other forms of distribution are also part of the solution. Of course the easist thing to do is legalize it. I am totally okay with taxing and regulating this just like alcohol IF (and this is a big if) we are still allowed to grow some for personal use, just like I can brew my own beer. I don't drink, but it is important in a free society, that if I did choose to drink, I could produce my own without having to involve the government. I have friends who make their own wine and give some away as gifts. We cannabis users would have the exact same right to grow some great medicine and share that with friends, gifts for the holidays, that type of thing. What is needed is education on so many levels.


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