Monday, August 02, 2010

more stuff- why does the states get our Data?

Here is another thing I do not understand, why was the contract not given to a Canadian company? Who was paid off to hand over our Data to the US? And paid them for doing it? This is the stupidest thing the dictatorship has done. There is no good reason for it. I can see that if the goal is to create a north american union, that would make perfect sense. I DO NOT WANT CANADA TO BE IN N.A.U. ; why would we want to take on the U.S. debt? We would be idiots to do so. Here is another video that needs to be seen.

How does this relate to Hemp and cannabis? The same people who are allowing this crap are the ones we must defeat in the next election since the same big business interests do not coincide with the interests of everyday Canadian citizens. If Hemp and cannabis where free to compete in the marketplace, they would wipe the floor with dirty oil miners, rainforest cutters and the politicians that support poluting our environment. They are afraid that Hemp will take away all their profits(which it will). Fear makes people and corporations do stupid things.


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