Friday, May 06, 2011

Glass works

I am going to by-pass all my political rants on what happened in the last election other than to say we now have a very polerized Canada. The good news is I have been able to find a product that I can make for less than $9.00 and people are happy to pay me $20.00 for the finished product. Sometimes they just like the shapes of the pipes I make, but this new pipe has been my best seller so far. I made up 6, I have sold 2 for $40.00 total, which means I can go out and buy more supplies to make more. I have 1 I am keeping so, I still have 3 more ready to sell and I will have replaced and added to the number I make using the $40.00. Next round means that when I sell the 10 new pipes made from the profits of the first 5, I could keep on doubling my money by investing in my own creations. Can I make 1000 pipes in a year? Yes- fairly easily. When they are sold, that makes $20,000.00 in my pocket. Yes, I know, not a ton of money, but it can chip away at debts. The only way to make more money from this is to find some people who think they can do this. Make sure as part of your contract with them that they have a dremel tool and order a ton of diamond bits For them to use. Buy 100 (or more globes)and give 10 of the globes to the worker to cut the holes. (s)he comes back and gets paid for the 10 on the spot cash of $30.00 and picks up 10 more till orders are filled and then you could continue to keep paying them as long as you sell the pipes. I would take 20 or 30 finished and packed pipes with me to a couple of the London sellers and see if they will take them on consignment. Soon I hope to have a full line of pipes I can sell online eventually selling vapes and other hardware. What I would love to do is set up a vapour lounge/pipe shop/cannabis treats store. In this area I would be shut down before I could even open. Soon, within this decade, I will be free to do that if I choose. Big plans are in the works! I have someone I can trust to shoot the "Cooking Cannabis with Medicinal Mike" DVD I have planned. I am trying to find a way for my activism to pay for it's self at the very least.


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