Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Uses # 3

It was easy to google the Canadian laws around industrial hemp,just google
"industrial hemp canadian law". If you see the prohibitively long list of hoops you must jump through, just to have a couple of plants in your garden, you will understand how difficult growing hemp can be. You basically get a licence for a year, only if you are a certified member of a growing group and you can prove you are a breeder and on the whim of the minister. The testing procedures are expensive and a large waste of time. Luckily it does say that you can own the by-products and sell them fairly easily. This leads me to my 3rd use- jewelry.

I can go to wal-mart or many other large stores and get a large roll of hemp twine. I also buy glass, ceramic or wood beads there that have holes large enough to put the twine through. With those items I braid, knot or crochet beaded necklaces, bracelets, rings and anklets. I sell them along with my drums, bee's wax candles and Stering Silver jewelry.

It is more expensive than cotton string yet it lasts forever compared to cotton. Speaking of Cotton vs. Hemp, did you know cotton uses a vast amount of pesticides,herbicides and fertilizers (all made from oil products) just to make a fibre that is less durable than hemp. That makes it more costly from an environmental viewpoint, and a monetary one. Hemp needs little or none of these and if you let the leaves fall off the plant, it would fertilize the soil naturally. It is only by restricting the production of hemp that allows the cotton growers to sell in any quantity meanwhile adding huge profits to the oil companies.

What oil company or cotton farmer or logger or wheat farmer would put up with a wonder-weed that could put all of them out of a job? The answer is... the smart oil company, fibre-farmer, logger or wheat farmer. The smart ones would add this crop in a huge way while taking their time getting out of the more intensive, intrusive farming methods.

That is something to think about till next time.

Michael J. Kaer , president of Kaer Enterprises (.com) and www.mikesworms.com


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