Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Let me be blunt...

Since this is a full service blog on all things cannabis, I would like to talk about blunts. To those out there that do not know what a blunt is, it is a rolling medium made from the same thing cigars are rolled in. When you smoke it, you get a tobacco flavour and I think a little bit of nicotine, which is not a bad combination. I would not to smoke them all the time like Snoop does, but once in a while at a gathering, it is ok. I am a pipe man, due to the fact that if I am running low on medicine, I just use a smaller bowl and try to stretch what I have. I also like creating pipes. I carve chillums (straight pipes) and regular pipes out of wood on my property, mostly pear wood. Back to the topic. A person can walk down the street smoking a blunt without most people knowing what is smoked is illegal. It smells like a mini-cigar. Certain government officials want to ban blunts like they do wanting to ban bongs and other tools of the trade. If they did, the amount of cigars being bought just to be torn up , will go through the roof.

Will they never learn?


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