Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick Money

I replied to a business person who was concerned about the economy. Here is what I had to say.

I agree that the economy could be a lot better. I am a Hemp advocate up in Canada, where it is legal to grow Hemp. Ron Paul and others have tried to put out different bills, one directly for the farmers of America to be able to grow Hemp. Hemp is a HUGE business opportunity and it is something so big it could turn the american economy around in next to no time. The problem is the Federal government is overstepping it's boundaries when several States have passed laws that would allow industrial hemp to be grown commercially and the Feds step in and shut the farmers down. As a Canadian I understand that if the US suddenly got into Hemp in a big way, the whole world would follow suit. I am grateful that you are putting out ideas for short term money maker ideas to get us out of a fix in the here and now, but as a business person you also need to look are where the trends are headed.

P.E. Obama has gone on record in the past saying he was for allowing farmers to have industrial Hemp as a cash crop. If he holds to that stance, you will see Hemp products explode in the market place and get much cheaper. Now that will be good for business!

I will be sending a copy of this reply to my blog http://myhemp.blogspot.com . Keep up the good work and happy thanksgiving!

Michael J. Kaer


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