Thursday, March 12, 2009

Too quiet?

I just came from a site called that is about Cannabis in all forms. This person is putting out a good quality site about this issue. The last article I read triggered something in me. Most people I know use the Internet to get their information now and there is a good reason why the big media papers are going under. They lack a readership base. The people who still read papers as a means of getting information are mostly people like my parents who do not use the computer much except to give and receive email once in blue moon. It is these people, mostly retired who where the main working force during the worst of the propaganda years against the "Demon Weed". Even they have tried the stuff out during the 70's when it looked like it was going to be made legal. Not all of them of course, but enough that they too know that most of this is just bunk. I know than my dad tried it and my mom accidently had a cup of some marijuana coffee I had made when I was a teenager and in my experimental stage. They know first hand the shame of me going to jail for this weed and they also know first hand the breakdown my brother had when he took a high potentcy acid trip. They know the difference between a "safe" drug like pot and a more harmful one as well as they know the harm of the stronger ones. These are the types of people who have been reading the newspaper every day of their live's mostly to get their information. They have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to drugs, other than what is prescribed by a doctor. They have been indoctrinated for decades and those are the people who respond to papers and have kept them in business this long. Old habits die hard. Most folks under 50 use the Internet to get their information. Till the newspapers finally fold sometime in the near future, the best way to get the message of truth out is online. After that event , the Internet will be the only way of getting information. This assuming a few things like hoping we will have the resources to keep the internet going and we keep governments out of controlling the content on the net. I could be tossed in jail or killed for speaking out against the policies of my government or the polices of other governments, which I do on a regular basis. That is price I may have to pay in the future, but for now I can say what I want. While we still have that freedom, I strongly suggest we use it to keep it. Cannabis is just one issue but it is such a major issue that once it is dealt with then we can move on to bigger a better things. I do not want to be a Hemp advocate for the rest of my life. I want so much change to happen so quickly that there will be no need to even talk about issues around hemp and cannabis in general. We strongly urge everyone to lend your voice and tell others about good sites like 420 and mikecann. Information on the internet is dispersed thinly. It is not concentrated like it is in a newspaper. Keep that in mind when you post a comment or read an article. Speak up.


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