Saturday, February 07, 2009


I just came from a site called Change.Org. I am going to give you a link to the page called Ideas for Change in America from this site. . On that page up in the right hand corner is a video panel that has Marijuana History 101 in it. I beg, I plead, I ______ (fill in the blank) to watch this film. You will end up shaking your head after, asking yourself why hemp is not manditory to be farmed by everyone.

Once enough people see this and pass it on to more people, large enough group will cry "Enough Is Enough!- We demand the end to prohibition". I am a hemp advocate in Country that where it is legal to grow Hemp, but only after you jump through endless amounts of red tape. If Marijuana prohibition is ended, then there would be no reason for the silly red tape. The more Hemp is grown, used and seen to be a great benefit, people will get used to the idea of pot being free to grow anywhere. This is the time to throw your support to the senators and congress people, looking for ideas on how to get America back on the road to prosperity. NOW is the time.

Businesses are just sitting , waiting to go into (pardon the pun) High Gear with all the small and large businesses that allowing the free use of this plant would bring. Deficit? What Deficit?- We would be happy to pay taxes and get rid of our national debt if we had a free hand to grow hemp anywhere and grow marijuana for medicine and recreation. The governments would be awash in cash. The first country that actively promotes the growing of both forms of Cannabis legally will be the world leader of tomorrow. I am Canadian so I strongly urge the US to keep building prisons and keep the pressure up on those criminal pot smokers, growers and dealers. I want the head start (again pardon the pun) to go to Canada. We would see every hotel and motel booked up for years in advance for people wanting to come up for some R & R. We would not be able to keep the people ( and their cash) out, even if we tried. Oh Cannabis!

Michael J. Kaer Author of "What Money Can't Buy" and now working on part 2 for that book.


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