Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Eat My Shorts!

100% Hemp

That is what the tag said when an actor friend of mine, Howard , pulled down his pants part way and showed me the tag from his new shorts. This was in Toronto in the late 1980's when hemp clothing was almost unheard of. Some paranoid people thought you could be arrested for wearing hemp. Flash foreward to the mid first decade of the 21st century and there are hemp stores in small hick cities like Chatham.
You can get hemp shoes, shirts, pants, boots, socks, mitts and caps. You can also get other things made with hemp like hemp soap and hemp jewelry. There is a way to eat hemp ( and no I am not talking about hash brownies or cookies, though I may write about that in future installments). Well actually more than one way. The easiest way is to just pop the seeds in your mouth and chew them as is. They are extremely nutrient rich. The oil from the seeds can be used for cooking and adding to your baked goods. The seeds can be ground down to a flour or paste, popped like popcorn and added to nutbars and snack foods. Have some in your breakfast bowl added to porridge.The roots and the leaves can be eaten in a multitude of ways.

Yep... eat it, wear it, burn it as fuel, build with it.. the list goes on.

Michael J. Kaer, President of Kaer Enterprises (.com) and www.mikesworms.com


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