Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The plant people

Hemp is an interesting plant since since it has distinct male and female sexes. They are also like people in the way they come in different sizes and shapes and character. Some are like doctors, making painkillers and medicine, some are construction workers making building materials, some are bakers and can be made into bread,some are oil producers making oil... I think you get my drift.

Hemp is a plant you can almost survive on all by itself. It does not make it a god to be worshipped, nor a devil to be spurned. It's just a plant. It is a very successful plant which some of it's products have a value equal to gold pound for pound. It has been vilified, lied about and shunned in favour of lesser substitutes all in the name of greed.

The destruction of the environment is a small price to pay if it keeps the little guy down, poor, sickly and homeless. That is the only sound, logical reason I can see for governments anywhere making it illegal. If governments wanted all their sheep, er I mean voters, to be prosperous, self-supporting and healthy(not to mention RICH), they would be giving hemp seed to every person who had 2 square metres of space to plant something. Instead they make it available only as a very expensive alternative to lesser materials and if you wanted to grow it,you have to be rich and you have to jump through too many hoops ( and do so constantly and update yourself every year at your expense). Obviously the government is tied into the keeping of the petrochemically derived herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer industries going full strength (to poison us quicker?)as well as keeping our taxes high by bloating the police budgets with money to fight a battle that (at the best) they win 10 percent of the time.

If they really wanted to have a war on crime and crimelords, they would make marijuana and hemp completely legal today. If they really had our best interests at heart, they would make tobbaco companies illegal ( the tobbaco leaf smoked by itself in a pipe,if grown organically, has very little damaging effects compared to cigarettes)(it is the proccessing and all the additives added to cigarettes that make them dangerous).

In short, you can say I have reasoned the motives of governments to be the control of the little people(Poor,homeless,uneducated masses) , not to help them, just maximise the the most tax dollars gained (taken,stolen)for the least amount of return. I challenge anyone to tell me my reasoning is faulty. I dare you to give me a valid reason why governments are making the production and consumption of all hemp products illegal or only for the rich and kept out of the hands of the little people. I am only asking for one valid reason. If you think my logic is faulty, coming up with one logical, valid reason why governments should not immediately make all hemp products legal, should be easy. That is my challenge for today. Untill someone shuts me up with logic, I can only assume my reasoning is correct and I will continue express my views and concerns till they kill me.

Mchael J. Kaer , owner of 2bitpixel.com


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