Tuesday, March 21, 2006

update (still) on Shannon's site.

I ran into a spot of trouble when Shannon had asked for a certain font to be used on her site. I have never had to imbed a non-system font on a website before and the program I had to do it was causing me grief. I found a way to work around it and get the site looking closer to what she wants. I have to still add some more photos and update the prices. Once she hands me the shipping costs for her items, I can get to work on the shopping cart. It doesn't help that I had 2 emergency computer repairs to do for a friend and her mother this week. I may have been able to get abit more done on it. I also had to(wanted to)spend some time with my girlfriend and had a chance to visit her son and one of my friends in London,on the weekend.
No rest for the wicked!

Michael J. Kaer, owner of www.2BitPixel.com


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