Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hemp Hearts

I popped in to Shannon's store, Mystic Mountain, to drop off some new wish candles and a small piller candle. She is almost sold out of my hand-dipped bee's wax tapers, so I have to get working on making more. She had hemp hearts in sample bags for people to try. She also had other stuff like hemp granola and hemp cremes (for chapped lips I think). Hemp can be used for so many products, it should be made manditory that every farmer grow some, like they did in our North American history. In China they sell the seed by the ton for bird seed. Getting back to the topic of hemp hearts, we (my girlfriend and I) were at a family gathering ( her dad's birthday) and I got talking about hemp hearts. One of the family is diabetic and another has alergies to wheat so when we gather the topic of different types of food comes up often. Since I have been eating hemp hearts on my cereal and in soups and yoghurt, I feel I have an informed opinion on the matter.

It tastes kind of nutty and it can be eaten by itself. It does not need to be refridgerated and it can be used in all types of food. You can grind it up to make a paste or flour or buy it as flour ready made. It is high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (the good fats),high in protean and has lot of calcium and fiber. This stuff is great for low carb diets. I have found it gives me lots of energy. A whole other factor that the hemp hearts I consume where made here in Canada, so the money stays here in Canada.That just happens to be a bonus.

Local farmers got all excited about growing hemp and they got a buyer in California lined up to sell everything they produced.They lost their shirts! The border guards stopped it because they ( big business and big government)do not want us little people to A) make money and prosper B) grow crops that require very little inputs and is good for the environment C)grow something that would but the cotton industry in a downward spin and D) grow something that we could eat and be healthy, requiring less health care and pharmacies. Big business knows it pays to keep us down, poor and sickly. Governments around the world can't stand any people who want to be ( Oh My Gosh) self-supporting. Look at the persecution heaped on the amish and other back-to-the-land groups.

I am starting to rant so I will shut up now-DON'T get me started.

Michael J. Kaer, president of Kaer Enterpises (.com) and www.mikesworms.com


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