Monday, December 12, 2005

Up in Arms

As I am typing this, a group of farmers, mostly from southwestern Ontario are going to be protesting (again). They say the protest is not just about the price of corn( or lack thereof), it is about the continueing higher cost of farming and no or low returns. We need Farmers. We need to eat. Why the hell are a bunch of idiots in government(municipal, provincial or federal) allowing the U.S. to dump their subsudized corn up here when(selling it to the local ethanol plant) kills off any incentive for a local alcohol production facility that is economically and environmentally feasible. The polution from the trucks hauling the corn from the states is an added tax burden on us directly through paying higher health care costs, due to the unneeded and wasteful shipping practices now in place.

What does this have to do with Hemp you ask? If the farmers seriously got their heads together and forced an open market for hemp products, we would see bumper crops and more farms starting up rather than what is happening now, a rapid decline in the actual numbers of farms. Most of them can not even really be called farms, just food production centres. Food factories.

With the Federal election on it's way, now would be the perfect time to put the bug in the farmer's ear about the wonder-weed that can safe their way of live and our society at the same time.

Michael J. Kaer, President of Kaer Enterprises (.com) and and .


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