Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shannon is a trendsetter!

I was working at the Women's Expo yesterday doing Tarot Card Readings, Seated Massage and selling my bee's wax candles and silver jewelry. I was lucky to partner up my On The Spot Massage with Kim Taylor of Isis and Co., so I did not have man my booth every second. That gave both of us a chance to go around and see the other booths. The one I saw that caught my attention was a guy selling hemp products. I did not have a long time to chat, but I think he was a local person(most of the booths were). I don't know if Shannon started her business before him, but she is a trendsetter. More people are getting wise to the vast potential of hemp. For this person to have a booth this year and not last year means Hemp is becoming more mainstream. That is great news. The more people buy the larger the demand, the bigger the market and the lower the price. The products are coming down in price every few Quarters, so the question is will the price drop lower than the cost of inflation for real savings?

For the moment prices are stable because supply and demand are both low. That is changing. Demand is picking up as more people get on the hemp bandwagen. Since we in Canada can grow more than enough with our worse soil, supply will alway catch up to demand and surpass it. Right now I am thinking of mainly of food products hemp can replace or enhance, but it is open for all the products hemp can make.

If you want the name and information of the the other business, I will email him and ask his permission to post it here on this blog, just let me know. You can leave a comment and I will read it.

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