Saturday, May 06, 2006

Future Food

Hi Folks.
I am assuming a massive collapse of the world economy after the American collapse. When is the question on many people's minds. Peak Oil will be one of many factors that will bring this on. In the meantime, prepare as well as you can. I hope I have another 5 years to get my plans in order.One of the main weapons in my personal arsenal to combat poverty and lack of food when the collapse does happen will be growing hemp. Since it has very little inputs and can grow just about anywhere a small plot can do alot. Sprouting the seeds and eating the sprouts will be one main source of protein as well as other nutrients. Roasting the seeds and adding a little salt , makes them a great snack food. Pressing them for oil will allow you to cook other foods in the oil. The fibres of the plant stock will be used for paper, clothes and blankets. The only fly in this ointment is getting the seeds.I know where I can get seeds, there are dealers in every city and town.There is also a hemp grow opperation in Chatham. I may be able to talk someone into giving or trading some of those seeds for my giant sunflower seeds or something else. If I have to search all the back roads of the county to find wild hemp, so be it. It is a weed you know! Currently it is not illegal to grow hemp in Canada, but you have to jump through so many hoops and your operation has to be so large, that you must have lots of money to start with. If I can get someone else to buy the land and get the permits, I would be willing to share in the work and the produce. I have heard people have already invented a machine to break the hemp and get it ready to process, so we would have to get one of them or make it labour intensive and do the work by hand. In a collapse situation, that may be a great labour project.
Any Ideas and Comments are welcome. Thanks.
Michael J. Kaer, owner of and


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