Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vape part 2

Howdy folks.

The vapourizer does work, but it does not work the way I need it too. It takes a larger amount for pain relief, but there is no harm to the lungs at all. It is like you are breathing air with just a hint of something more. It also takes longer for the vapours to get working than if i just load a bowl and spark up
The pain relief is much quicker when you light up. So, to sum this up I would say if you are going to go the vapourizer route, get the more expensive model and if you like the bags, great, go for them. The model I have has no fan and no bags, just a whip. As a side note, I would prefer to eat my medicine, but my doctor has not said if she would increase my dosage. My card is up for renewal in a few months, so now is the time to get on the paperwork and passport photos. Everyone wish me luck.


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