Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Support your local hemp guy

If you have read my other posts on this blog and at Survival-List and Kaer Package you will know I am a Green party member. The Green party is all for replacing fosil fuels for renewable ones, replacing trees with alternative fibre, replacing farming practices that have a high chemical cost for ones that do less damage or none at all. The list goes on. Hemp foots the bill perfectly. It has been proven that hemp improves the soil it is grown on and the fibres easily replace trees at a ratio of 4-1 (1 acre of hemp makes the same amount of fibre as 4 acres of trees) and if you multiply that by the time it takes to grow a tree (say 25 years) than that ratio goes up to 100-1. Hemp does not need any chemicals to grow-its a weed for God's sake.
Here is where we get into the support area. One way you can support hemp is to look for your local green party member and help with their bid for office. We have a federal election looming on the horizon here in Canada and I am helping my local Green person, Ken Bell go to Ottawa. We want to run Ken out of town so he can spread his good to the whole country instead of being selfish and keeping him to ourselves here in Chatham-Kent/Essex.
That is another use for hemp, getting into office. The reason we are not able to freely grow hemp in our back yard is political. The way to fight to regain that freedom is in politics.

Michael J. Kaer, President of Kaer Enterprises (.com) and www.mikesworms.com


  • As seen in a local Chatham Paper, Chatham this week, a letter to the editor said they were terified if Harper got into power. His "get tough" approach and minimum sentences would create a state of war on the streets because this weed would then be even more expensive and even more bloodshed of bystanders would result.MEDICAL users like the author and his wife would be caught in the middle of this blood bath, like the prohibition days of AL Capone in the 1930's. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!

    By Blogger Michael Kaer, at 12:44 PM  

  • I posted that comment long before boxing day of 2005. I hate being right when it means a 15 year old girl would die.

    By Blogger Michael Kaer, at 8:27 PM  

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