Monday, November 28, 2005

Uses #5

My friend Shannon at Mystic Mountain and my friend Jim at A Life full of Books,both here in Chatham, Ontario, gave me permission to mention their stores in connection with my ongoing research into hemp and hemp products.Mystic Mountain sells Hemp clothing and other hemp products, as well as some of my drums, Bee's wax candles and Silver jewelry and A Life Full of Books is a bookstore that I work out of in the back room. I have written whole books back there and used material gathered at the shop as a starting place in my research Some People would be paranoid of even talking about hemp because of it's strong connection to the recreational use of Pot and the fact that (for some silly reason)it is still outlawed while other drugs like alcohol, nicotine and aspirin have been found to be more harmful than Marijuana.
People have overdosed on aspirin. There has never been a case of overdose on pot. I have not been able to find one at any rate. I could be wrong. If you have documented proof of that I would be interested in taking a look at your proof and have a chance to cross check your sources. On to the next use.

It was brought to my attention that before there was a gold standard for money, hemp was one of the most common means of exchanging currencies. If we ever wanted to get off this crazy money system we have now, we could go back to hemp. This universally useful product would give developing countries a chance at levelling the playing field as far as world economics goes if we were on the hemp standard. After the time of chaos and adjustment, going on the hemp standard would mean stable prices for all goods and a way of standardizing the world's standard of living. When we were on the gold standard, only the countries that had gold could participate. With hemp, every country could participate. Instead of dollars and cents we could have bales, buds, stems and leaf. You could own stocks in stalks,printed on tree-free, hemp paper.

Michael J. Kaer, President of Kaer Enterprises (.com) and


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