Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hemp as the "New tobacco"

Hi Folks.

Last night we had our first face to face meeting of the CKOAP group. That stands for Chatham-Kent OilAge Planning group. We decided we were ( at this stage) a practical think tank If there is such a thing. One of the items mentioned was old tobacco farmers could use the land to grow hemp, now that the old market is drying up on them. The only problem would be irrigation, since the sandy soils wouls need a lot of water to get anything to grow. The soil over time would change for the better if hemp was allowed to grow and the leaves allowed to fall off and the roots left in place to bind the soil in a no-till fashion. You would not get a large crop the first few years and you would be growing other stuff inbetween years in order to build up you soil. The bible says take the field out of operation once every 7 years another way of doing that is to have 7 parcels of land and just rotate them. You would be able to use 6/7ths of your land every year. Just a thought.

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