Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hemp Rant # ?

Hi folks.
I just saw an older film, made in the 90's called "The Hemp Revolution"
Some of the claims made by the hemp activists are a little over the top, but I write that off as passion for their cause. They made many valid points, namely that Marijuana is still illegal even after many studies showing it should not be, because the drug enforcement crowd and the government( as well as banks and organized crime) make a ton of money on it. They also pointed out the reason is was made illegal in first place was because DuPont saw hemp as a threat to their new processes based on oil and coal. Farmers used to grow all fibre, food , medicine and fuel over a hundred years ago. The Big Oil boys have taken over everything to do with the farm and "Farmed " it out to the Pharm-a-cyst and factories, including food. Once Oil is not to be had, we will be forced to go back to the old ways. Hemp was a major player back then and it will be once more. Hemp has been written out of the history books the same way Tesla was. At the Smithsonian
Institute, all mention of hemp has been removed. The reason given was (maybe not exact quotes)" The children do not need to know about hemp; it will just confuse them" . That is just sick. How stupid do these people think our kids are? Sounds very "1984ish". Big Brother knows what is good for you and you can't argue against it if you do not know an alternative exists

That is my rant for today. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Michael J. Kaer in Canada
Author of "What Money Can't Buy" available at and writer of