Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hemp and The Secret

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

What does The Secret have to do with Hemp?

The Secret talks about abundance and getting everything you want. Hemp is the one (out of a very few)plants that can provide all the worlds needs. In order to fix the damage we have done to the environment and still have plenty of resources for FUN, we will use this wonderful plant to help reverse the damage. How? the simplest way is for the plant to take greenhouse gases out of the air and put them back in the ground or be turned into paper, cloth, food, building material and plastics. The oil can light our homes directly or by running a diesel generator to power up a battery bank and switch on the CFL and LED lights. The opportunities that Hemp is providing will more than make up for the downturn in the economy when we do the switch over. The old system is near the end of it's useful life and we now are going to learn a new way to live on an abundant planet, in style and grace. Sounds nice Eh? We have a few challenges in our way, but that is not that big a deal. We can do this.

Life is meant to be fun, joyful, full of love and tenderness. Life is also supposed to be about growth and challenges. Sure Life does not always go our way, but how you deal with the challenges is what makes you great or not. Money is easy, wealth is harder to come by.

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Enough work- Time for fun!
Michael J. Kaer,
Author of "A-Bun-Dance","Truth:A Guide to Goalsetting" and "1001 Affirmations"