Thursday, June 04, 2009

Answer to a question"What will happen if the US legalizes pot?"

Here is what will happen when it is legalized. After the the first rounds of parties there will be a whole bunch of laws to change. That will take years to do. At the same time many countries will do the same. Canada may end up leading the States in this because the marijuana laws have been deamed unconstitutional and many are saying scrap it. If pot is legal then there will be no rational reason to have industrial hemp tied up in any red tape. Hundreds of thousands of businesses will be set up with pot, but then millions of businesses will be created with hemp. Everyone will be working. Tourism will flourish, more respect for the law will come around eventually, a feeling of peace will come over many, drug sales from pharmacies will go down so they will change too. Lower taxes for everyone because we stopped fighting a useless war. I have more thoughts on this, but it needs to go in a book.