Thursday, August 05, 2010

Again a new focus.

I have been seeing a shift in public opinion and a basic feeling of anger over having our rights ripped away from us. Many more people are finally seeing how prohibition is also a race issue. Mothers who speak up are winning the ears of some politians.They know that when mothers get behind something, they(our leaders) will have to do something. Mothers have so much power. Thank you. Every time a debate comes up and somebody who is anti-pot says something outragious, that just turns more and more people off their message. People in general are being told the truth about cannabis, which makes the liers look all the more silly and stupid. That would include all the drug csar's to date! When you have a father on chemo for prostate cancer and he can't eat and the pills he is supposed to take will not stay down and you find out that medical cannabis will not only help, but is safe, people start to wonder why this would be taken from him. This is a plant that is NON-TOXIC! When they find that out and they see their dad get off his deathbed due to cannabis, you suddenly convert entire families over to the benefits of this plant. That you can grow in your back yard. For free (well almost free).

A steady stream of people are still signing up for medical cards , which adds to a large number to start with. Even with a few people dropping out of the programs, you are getting a knowledge base that is growing at a compound rate. Eventually an overwhelming majority will be converted over because the evidence will be standing in front of them; healthy mothers,fathers and/or seniors still able to get around under their own steam. My focus is looking at that day when cannabis is commonplace and tolerated. Even our Prime Minister's neighbourhood is not immune to cannabis. They just did a big bust out that way. The smart thing to do since it is everywhere and it is not going to go away and it helps people is to tax and regulate it. Make is legal for everyone (under the age of majority with a doctor's script so those autistic children can also benefit from a safe medicine that can be eaten). I would have a set up like alcohol. You can buy cases of wine and cases of boose(with a permit, like for a wedding) and cases of beer, or you can buy it by the bottle. The next level is having a glass of wine or a beer at a local pub or resturant and the final level is the guy who has a couple of barrels of wine in his basement or a beer brewing kit. It is legal to make your own wine. It should be legal to grow your own medicine or is some cases a sacrement(some people use it for religious purposes). You could have coffeshops set up and/or allow resturants and pubs to have cannabis products available. At the top level you would have shops like the LCBO but it would be the CCBO. There will be different grades and types at different prices, just like you would see at a dispensary in California. I can buy a cheap bottle of wine for about 10 bucks or I can get a fine champange for 100 bucks. It would be my choice. In a sensible society, that would already be in place. The change is coming and the movement is gaining momentum. I can't wait.

Monday, August 02, 2010

more stuff- why does the states get our Data?

Here is another thing I do not understand, why was the contract not given to a Canadian company? Who was paid off to hand over our Data to the US? And paid them for doing it? This is the stupidest thing the dictatorship has done. There is no good reason for it. I can see that if the goal is to create a north american union, that would make perfect sense. I DO NOT WANT CANADA TO BE IN N.A.U. ; why would we want to take on the U.S. debt? We would be idiots to do so. Here is another video that needs to be seen.

How does this relate to Hemp and cannabis? The same people who are allowing this crap are the ones we must defeat in the next election since the same big business interests do not coincide with the interests of everyday Canadian citizens. If Hemp and cannabis where free to compete in the marketplace, they would wipe the floor with dirty oil miners, rainforest cutters and the politicians that support poluting our environment. They are afraid that Hemp will take away all their profits(which it will). Fear makes people and corporations do stupid things.