Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hemp -Lifeline to the future-Chris Conrad

Hello folks.
Yes I know I have not been writing since November. As usual I have been busy, but busy in a new way. Harvest season was finished and I was introduced to a person who hooked me up with Psychic Access and Psychic Web. Since one of my many Talents is reading and teaching Tarot I have been working 4 days a week as a professional Psychic. The second factor in this is the harddrive on my laptop died on me and I have not had the time to fix it, with the Christmas holidays and my birthday on New Years Eve taking up a lot of my time, money and effort. I work 2 days a week at a local bookstore doing Tarot readings and Seated Massage( I am also a Certified Reflexologist and Relaxation Therapist). At the store I did a lot of my writing on the laptop which I would download onto a usb drive and upload to the internet here at the local Library. It was a good system till the drive died.

The extra freetime that has been granted me has been put to use reading and researching hemp. The book I am studying is Chris Conrad's Hemp-lifeline to the future. I am finding out some nice tidbits of information like the thin paper used in bibles is hemp, because of it's great strength. The more I am reading about hemp, the more I am getting angry at governments trying to keep this useful plant down. Of course that is the position of oil and petro-chemical industry which in turn controls the government, they would not be able to handle the compitition, with full cost accounting and no subsudies. The other thing I am learning is Hemp can be very useful for ridding the air of CO2, basically binding it up in it's self and turned into useful fibre and other products. From what I have been reading a net gain of 20-30% (or more) oxygen would be given off compared to the CO2 taken in. I think we have a winner when it comes to helping clean up global warming if the idiots in power would get their heads out of the sand and get behind hemp rather than impeading it.

When the shift comes(it will have to, unless we die off first) I do not think we will have a choice but get hemp in to full production in every section of land that is not used for food production. We would be able to leave trees alone, harvesting for lumber only and have a renewed pulp and paper industry using hemp. We would also have a renewable source of cooking oil, heating oil and fuel to drive trucks and trains. I do not think we will be able to afford the car as a species. Many people will instantly say(especially up here in Canada) "We need a car to get to work". Not everyone is lucky enough to work out their home or be within walking distance to work. I agree those are issues that must be addressed. in the meantime, lets get Hemp up and moving as a major industry once more. In it's historic and glorious past, hemp production was never able to keep up with demand. I pray for the day when that happens again.

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