Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cannabis Education

There are 2 groups that I am targeting with my pro-medicine/anti-prohibition education.

Police and elderly.

Why those 2 groups you may ask? The answer is most of the youth are ahead of the curve, folks like me in middle age are catching up so the ones who need it the most is the elderly. Why do I single out the police? The simple fact is they have been trained to aggressively prosecute Cannabis, because it is the easiest, low hanging fruit on the enforcement agenda. Pot smokers are easy targets.

Well, those easy days are over. With more people carrying a license to use and carry cannabis medicine on their person's, the police have to tread a finer line. I would personally sue any Officer+ Department+Municipal government who had a chance to see my card and still choose to give me a hard time about using my medicine. It would also be a huge human rights case which I would be happy to stand behind. If a raid EVER happens on my house I will sue to have the city buy my property and help set me up out in the country. I would not be able to live here with out being a target for break- ins and theft. I would force them to have to take care of my plants if I am arrested. There are a hundred ways I could embarrass them and I would hope I would have a chance to get it all documented and loaded on YouTube. The good thing is, in the end I will win because I will have been on the right side of the law. It is their attitude that must be changed.

For now I am not going to push the issue. I do have a couple of college kids willing to do a documentary on me and my efforts to get Marc Emery Freed. All the coverage of any events we do will go on YouTube and be links at some point to some of Marc's sites. Getting back to the education I was talking about. I find the best way to talk to someone about what you want is enthusiastically, but in the case of some hard-of-hearing folks you need to speak clearly and slowly. Your job is to listen to anything they have to say on the subject, meanwhile using your own personal experience you can talk about what you have done in relation to what they have just told you and how it relates back to either the pro-medicine theme or anti-prohibition angle.

It helps to have a list of resources you can hand out, so they can look this stuff up for themselves.There are some things like the fact that the A.M.A. has changed their 72 year old stance on Cannabis. They now what it changed from a #1 drug to a #2 so it can be studied much more. That is big news, that often has not gotten out and old flyers and old websites may still have that old information up. It takes time for the truth to get out, but when it does- watch out.