Sunday, December 26, 2010

Between times.

Hi folks.

I am writing this just after Christmas. I have a youtube video I want to share with you from just at the end of this years harvest. Here it is -

I have another I made right on Christmas that I want to share with everyone.
Here it is -

Happy New Year to all.

Medicinal Mike.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

MMAR slowdown

Hi folks.

This is world AIDS day 2010. It looks a lot different than even just 10 years ago. I have a chance to live a long life. I did not have that hope back then. I got off the phone with my local MP's office asking about my MMAR card which is over due by over 2 months. I gave them all the paperwork to keep on file and to send a request to find out where it is. What do they do at the MMAR office? They just have to make sure all the forms are filled out correctly. That is it! legally I am covered no matter what because when the Doctor signs the form, from that second, I am legally able to use and possess medical cannabis. Police could hassle me but they would be forced to back off because I have all the paperwork at home and at VanKesteren's office. It would be a waste of time and taxpayers dollars to hassle me for not having my card on my person. I believe Dictator harper has done this purposely to try and force legal cannabis users to break the law in order to get their medicine. If they get caught the MMAR can refuse to issue a card. Someone has to fill up those new sweatshops, er I mean prisons the federal government is building during a 30 YEAR LOW ON CRIME!!!, and the laws he has passed looks like he wants prostitutes, potheads and pimps to be the new inmates. Harper wants to clean up Canada. If he wanted to jail everyone who smoked pot in Canada he would have to jail well over 50% of the population. That would fill up the sweatshops nicely.

Getting back on topic... The MMAR was forced on the government. If you have to have a system like that in place, why not make it as good as you can? Why does Harper fight every single change that we have to go to court over and over again for? Why is he wasting my money to go against my best interests? The MMAR has been found un-constitutional several times and harper refuses to fix it. DO YOUR FRIKKEN JOB! We pay the PM to look after our collective interests.It is in our countrie's best interest to have a functional MMAR that is fast and efficient.