Thursday, July 10, 2008

Survived Spiritsfest-now survival bread..

I have been on a fest high for days after it has finished. No I did not drink or smoke anything to get high(except maybe some smoke from the big fire and I drank in the spirits of the drum). I am finding it hard to get back to my usual hard work routine. I am doing some things I have put off, like all the lawns that needed mowing and some weeding in my garden, but I have had survival bread drying in my oven the whole time I was at fest. It is hard to describe my survival Bread. I do know I put 3 eggs and 4 cups of flour, a bit of baking powder and a little oil, but the exact amounts of jams and cups of hemp and almonds and sunflower seeds. I do know I also dumped some honey and corn syrup and 2 jars of applesauce in the mix. At a guess I would say I put as many cups of hulled hemp as flour. The whole thing was put in 3 bread pans allowed to bake for a long time then dried for over a week. The bread is very high in protein and starches and even with all the jams and honey and apple it is not sweet. It also had a whole can of pears in it. I have know clue what the calorie count per slice is , but at a guess I would say over 500 calories per slice. It has so much concentrated in such a small space. I saved 2 slices out from sealing it up in the food saver bagvac bags. I have over 2 dozen slices dried and sealed in airtight plastic, so they should be good for a few years if I need to store them that long. Happy Hemping.

Michael J. Kaer, author of "What Money Can't Buy"