Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hi folks. As you can tell, I read a lot since my interests are so varied. I have a bone to pick with anyone who talks about food and nutrition and does not talk about hemp. Some may not want to get in trouble because of the plants (insanely stupid) ban in the U.S. and all the equally stupid red tape that hounds the hemp growers here in Canada. Folks- I do not know how to say this in any plainer language; Hemp is just a plant. It has many useful qualities and the food quality is extremely high. It make fine oil and the seeds taste great. The problem is a gallon of organic hemp oil is going for about $180.00 US. That is a huge problem. Because the U.S. decided to ban this plant for no other reason(supposedly) because it looks like it's sister plant , the one that makes medicine and is also used as a recreational drug. We have bred the hemp plant so almost all of the THC is no longer manufactured by the plant and it has been bred to grow much taller than it's sister plant, for it's use as a fibre feedstock. The plant can in no way harm anyone. It does have the ability to provide excellent nutrition, again the thing that no one bothers to mention. We have much more harmful plants growing as ornimentals al over the place, even in government building spaces. None of those plants have to be put under the scope of red tape that the legal industrial hemp plant does up here in Canada. You can walk into any green house and buy some very poisonous plants. No big deal. Suddenly if I want to grow a plant that I can use for food and fibre, It is forbidden to me because I do not have a a huge amount of money, laywers, huge tractors and thousands of acres to put it in as a mono crop. That is insanity. There is no logical basis for it. I can understand putting the sister plant under regulation and tax it like alcohol, but I do not and can not understand the logic behind the redtape or outright ban of industrial hemp. The reason is there is no logic behind the ban. There is however a huge amount of money to be lost if this plant does become an everyday crop like it was decades ago. It is the drug companies, the paper manufacturing, the chemical companies and other interests that will lose market share to this plant, one they can not control and patent. Ah, the light at the end of the tunnel. I see, the people who are really in control tell the governments to keep this plant down no matter what. We can't have cheap, nutrious food, fuel and fibre available to the masses. The powers that be will lose what little control they now enjoy if everyone was self-sustaining or close too it. It still pisses me off that when any news person speaks to anyone about food or nutrition, hemp is never mentioned. Ah, more light at the end of the tunnel. The big money and power people own the news and they tell the news people what they can and can not talk about. Hmmm. Where does freedom of the press and freedom of speach go here? Freedom? Rights? What are they? Something that has been stolen from us and it is something we must take back. If it takes going to jail for life, Marc Emery is the one person who would love to overgrow the government. With so much good pot out there and thousands of people who are getting sick and tired of being babied by the government in this vast nanny-state the entire world seems under and add the issue of medical use of cannabis, you know something fun is going to come out of this big mess. I am a little guy with little land and little money, but I have a brain and a voice. It calls out for freedom and a stop to this insanity. For the sake of our children and the environment and the prosperity of all people alive today END PROHIBITION NOW!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Future Generations

Hi folks.

Future generations will look back at this time in history and shake their heads. We are the generation that put a man on the moon and then pissed away that start to the stars. This will be known as the time of constant war- war on drugs, war on terror,war on education..., all these wars formented in order to make bigger and bigger piles of money and to fight for control. It will also be seen as a time of really big stupid things like GMO foods with terminator tech built in. Stupid greedy people came up with that one. One of the things they will really shake their heads at is the fact that we outlawed and tried to irradicate the most useful plant on the planet. How does one go about outlawing a natural plant? You do it by wasting millions of lives and billions , if not trillions of dollars tracking down, jailing and processing (non)criminals through over stressed courts. People in the future will ask simple questions like "Why Hemp?" and then dig in to the discusting racist laws passed in the 1930's to see just how sick and passive the United States was then and by default see how "Big Brother" forced his warpped ideas on the rest of the world.

A breath of fresh air in the form of a vapour. They will also see how at the end of all the maddness many people rallied together to get the laws changed. It was also a time of innovations when it came to the delivery of Cannabis's medicinal properties, in the form of a modern day hookah called a vapourizer, came to be. Post- modern man will understand on an intuitive level that a plant multiplies on a logarithmic Scale and the thugs hired to rip them from the ground is a linear scale. Any government does not have the rescources to do that. Post - modern man will also be closer to nature so they will understand that all it takes is just one bird, eating one seed and then transporting that seed to another area, to start the growth cycle all over again. How can you fight against that? Insanity.

Post-modern man will most likely conclude that the poisons we injected in our environment drove us to be insane and formentors of war, any war ( even if it makes no sense).