Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The plant people

Hemp is an interesting plant since since it has distinct male and female sexes. They are also like people in the way they come in different sizes and shapes and character. Some are like doctors, making painkillers and medicine, some are construction workers making building materials, some are bakers and can be made into bread,some are oil producers making oil... I think you get my drift.

Hemp is a plant you can almost survive on all by itself. It does not make it a god to be worshipped, nor a devil to be spurned. It's just a plant. It is a very successful plant which some of it's products have a value equal to gold pound for pound. It has been vilified, lied about and shunned in favour of lesser substitutes all in the name of greed.

The destruction of the environment is a small price to pay if it keeps the little guy down, poor, sickly and homeless. That is the only sound, logical reason I can see for governments anywhere making it illegal. If governments wanted all their sheep, er I mean voters, to be prosperous, self-supporting and healthy(not to mention RICH), they would be giving hemp seed to every person who had 2 square metres of space to plant something. Instead they make it available only as a very expensive alternative to lesser materials and if you wanted to grow it,you have to be rich and you have to jump through too many hoops ( and do so constantly and update yourself every year at your expense). Obviously the government is tied into the keeping of the petrochemically derived herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer industries going full strength (to poison us quicker?)as well as keeping our taxes high by bloating the police budgets with money to fight a battle that (at the best) they win 10 percent of the time.

If they really wanted to have a war on crime and crimelords, they would make marijuana and hemp completely legal today. If they really had our best interests at heart, they would make tobbaco companies illegal ( the tobbaco leaf smoked by itself in a pipe,if grown organically, has very little damaging effects compared to cigarettes)(it is the proccessing and all the additives added to cigarettes that make them dangerous).

In short, you can say I have reasoned the motives of governments to be the control of the little people(Poor,homeless,uneducated masses) , not to help them, just maximise the the most tax dollars gained (taken,stolen)for the least amount of return. I challenge anyone to tell me my reasoning is faulty. I dare you to give me a valid reason why governments are making the production and consumption of all hemp products illegal or only for the rich and kept out of the hands of the little people. I am only asking for one valid reason. If you think my logic is faulty, coming up with one logical, valid reason why governments should not immediately make all hemp products legal, should be easy. That is my challenge for today. Untill someone shuts me up with logic, I can only assume my reasoning is correct and I will continue express my views and concerns till they kill me.

Mchael J. Kaer , owner of

Monday, April 10, 2006

Why Be Prepared?

I am putting this on all my blogs at once since this information is so important. Look at the Archives for the rest of the information I was referring to.

Why be prepared?

My girlfriend is getting fed up with me talking

about ways in which our society as we know it

could (rapidly) change. In my last post I talked

about E.W.E.'s (Extreme Weather Events). In past

posts on this and my other blogs (myhemp,

survival-list, moneyhowtogetsome, moneythebook,

xchangesnumber1 - all like this

one)I have talked about how peak oil is going to

drive gas prices too far up and more wars will be

faught over this resource. One thing I have not

addressed to well(so far) is the next pandemic. At

first people think-Avian Flu and they could possibly

be correct. It does not have to be Avian Flu, it

could be another type of flu. History has shown that

the entire regions where decimated by waves of

flu and plague with a certain regular cycle to them.

According to those cycles we should have had a

bad one last year or maybe this year. Now that

world-wide travel is easier to do, the spread will

be world-wide. Someone is going to hop a plane

to get out of a region that is struck by it, to get

away and in the meantime infects half the

passengers and crew. The crew and the other

passengers do not know they have it till they report

to work that they are ill in a few days. All those

people have spread to other points of the country

spreading the illness as they go. Since some

percentage of the population will be immune, they

may be carriers. If the United States or Canada

decided to close their border and patrol it A) the

cost would be huge, B) they would still not be able

to keep everyone out. We are simply too wide

open. This region of Ontario where I live has alot

of farms that import hired hands to pick crops and

such. One of the migrant workers may bring it in.

They are a multitude of ways for a flu bug to


So what do you do? Prepare as best you can!.

The Mormans have a standing policy of having a

year or more supply of everything they need. If they

shut themselves in for the few months to 18

months a bad pandemic could last, they would be

one group who would survive. The rest of us will be

lucky if we have more than a week's worth of food

and maybe a couple of bottles of water. EEEENK

( insert sound of buzzer), Guess what- you are out

of the game. In all the research I did for my book,

everyone said you need a gallon( 4 litres) of water

a day to drink, cook food, wash etc. That is per

person and more if you have babies or pregnent

mothers to look after. If you stayed indoors for 3

months or so, say 100 days that equals 100

gallons per person or 400 litres if I filled up every

jug and the tub and sink, I think I could just barely

make it.I would still need 3 months supply of meds,

vitimins and food. I have a 3 month supply of

vitamins and about that much or more in food, but

my prescription meds I can only get a month at a

time. Ok lets say you have 100 days worth of

water, food and what not, what are you going to do

with yourself for 3 months indoors? I will not be

anywhere close to my girlfriend since she will be a

frontline worker, if and when it breaks ( she works

for public health). I have a large library of tapes

and dvds I could go through. Lots of music

besides. I have music instruments to play, a

sewing machine to work on, silver wire and hemp

twine to make jewelry with, about 50 pounds of

bee's wax to make candles with and lots of books

and magazines as well as the internet and TV to

watch. I can do Tai Chi exersises to keep fit.

Great. Now what happens if the electricity or gas

shuts off because too many people running them

get too sick to work? Right now I have a couple of

small solar panels that could charge a battery long

enough to charge my laptop. I may still be able to

get online even if the power goes off, but it will not

be for long periods. I have enough propane to last

a few days if I used the grill in the garage to cook

my meals and heat water for coffee and tea. I

would use up any fuel for my camp stove, but I

could not be able to heat my house. It would mean

a cold winter covered in blankets and heavy

clothes. It would mean not being able to wash my

clothes. It would mean no shaving, who cares I am

not going outside anyway. It would mean I would

survive but just barely. I would have to have

enough cash in the house to pay for my meds and

phone them up to deliver them, putting the money

in my mailbox and getting them to put the package

in the mailbox also. I would have to get it with

gloves on and a face mask and spray the bag with

a bleach/water solution as well as the actual

bottles. Garbage would have to be stored

somehow. It is do-able for 3 months, but right now

it is not do-able for any longer time period.

Can you see why my girlfriend is calling me Mr.

Joyfull and Mr. Happy? This is enough to depress

almost anyone. Don't shoot the messenger,

instead plow that emotion into saving your own

butt. The Government at all levels will be too

overwhelmed all at once to help much. You must

help yourself. I hope you pass this on to a friend or

even an enemy ( if they work for public works or

the gas company) the more you do now , the

better off you will be later. Buy my book and read

it. Go to

and get the book, "What Money Can't Buy". After

you do that and pass to all your list of people, then

do some of your own looking around on the net.

There are too many sites for me to list but they are

out they. Jusy google "prepared" or "avian flu" ,

something good will show up. Sorry this is so long,

but the information is good. USE IT!
Michael J. Kaer, owner of

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shannon is a trendsetter!

I was working at the Women's Expo yesterday doing Tarot Card Readings, Seated Massage and selling my bee's wax candles and silver jewelry. I was lucky to partner up my On The Spot Massage with Kim Taylor of Isis and Co., so I did not have man my booth every second. That gave both of us a chance to go around and see the other booths. The one I saw that caught my attention was a guy selling hemp products. I did not have a long time to chat, but I think he was a local person(most of the booths were). I don't know if Shannon started her business before him, but she is a trendsetter. More people are getting wise to the vast potential of hemp. For this person to have a booth this year and not last year means Hemp is becoming more mainstream. That is great news. The more people buy the larger the demand, the bigger the market and the lower the price. The products are coming down in price every few Quarters, so the question is will the price drop lower than the cost of inflation for real savings?

For the moment prices are stable because supply and demand are both low. That is changing. Demand is picking up as more people get on the hemp bandwagen. Since we in Canada can grow more than enough with our worse soil, supply will alway catch up to demand and surpass it. Right now I am thinking of mainly of food products hemp can replace or enhance, but it is open for all the products hemp can make.

If you want the name and information of the the other business, I will email him and ask his permission to post it here on this blog, just let me know. You can leave a comment and I will read it.

Michael J. Kaer owner of