Monday, October 31, 2005

We halt this blog for a Green Party AGM

We will have you back to our regular blog in a matter of days.
Thank You. Michael.

Well, not a complete halt. Hemp is one of the most important plants the planet has to combat the continuing trend of big business and government pacification of, and stripping away the rights of, all citizens. This trend is not confined to just one country. One of the worst offenders is the US. Any government who attempts to micro-manage their citizen’s lives is guilty. The Green Party, as a political entity, is the only one that has a voice worldwide. All other parties are country specific.

I have been honoured with the responsibility of being a delegate for my riding. Those who do nothing politically, have nothing to complain about. I have bitching rights! I vote. Any time I am called to vote on anything at any level, I vote. If I don’t vote, I don’t have the right to complain. Governments want power and they gain power by controlling the people they govern. A self-sufficient person does not need much from the government. Keep the roads clean and upgraded, build bridges, keep order and assist individuals in co-operating to mutual benefit. That is the role good government should have. When the government does more, it interferes in the rights of individuals.

In the case of hemp, that interference has reached extremely high levels of stupidity or vicious cruelty. To them hemp is evil because it can give us all real freedom. Freedom from big business to make our own food, clothes, paper and fuel. If we could make our own, we would not need their inferior products.

In the meantime I will be going to the AGM and vote with my head and my heart. The other parties steal our policies and use them to look good to the public. They choose the easier “sexier” policies and walk away from the tough ones. I say lets make the best policies possible and hope they steal all of them. I do not care who is in power as long as the policies are implemented. Wish us luck.

Now – Stay tuned for the regular MYHEMP blog, due out sometime after the weekend.

Michael J. Kaer ,President of Kaer Enterprises (.com) and

Ps. I did not have internet access while I was away so I could not send this out till I got back. I'm back! I will get more information out in a day or so.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Use # 2

Hemp Revolution

As I was going to sleep last night I thought of a use for Hemp that would not be normally thought of. I was thinking the use would be as the rallying point of a revolution mostly in the US and in Canada and any other country that outlaws the growing of hemp. As I was drifting off to sleep I was thinking of how the momentum has almost reached critical mass and the old BIG OIL regimes are seeing the writing on the wall about a limited resource they have. The days of old where a few select people can lie to the public and get away with it are over. I am talking about the Hearst newspaper empire that drove the lie home through it's abuse of power. The vested interests of the day gave their hearty support and $ to get the laws changed in their favour after the news created a mass fear of "marijuana","mary jane" and "reefer".

With the internet comes a freedom of information that cannot be stopped, so I figure it is a matter of time and age of the old boys in power to finally die off and make room for the new people who can see the blessings Hemp can give if we only give it a chance.

I see one state after another fight the feds on the right to grow hemp till it is going to force a change. When the farmers find out how they have been lied to and what a great cash crop Hemp is, they will be busting down the doors of congress to demand justice be restored.

Here in Canada we still cannot openly grow hemp, but more and more people are getting on the bandwagon. All the tobacco farms that have been crying the blues can turn that land that is good for nothing else , into good land for hemp. They would be able to build up the soil with the use of natural vermiculture and organic means since hemp needs little or no pesticides and fertilizers. All the crap they were forced to add to the soil to grow a crop that kills people can now be turned around to something much more usefull. If you want more information on Vermaculture go to my site .
I guess that is my rant for today.

Michael J. Kaer ,President of Kaer Enterprises (.com)

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Uses #1

Hemp is the most useful plant I know of!

Lets start with oil. Did you know a fine oil can be had from hemp seed that does not have the serious drawbacks petroleum has? You can make a gasoline that burns cleaner than the gasoline currently on the market. Not wanting to point fingers just at the US President Bush (George's nickname is shrub, to those who don't like him), but being an oilman would make it a conflict of interest for him to even look at opening up the US to producing hemp for fuel. As it is, he has made it illegal for the medical use of this wonder-weed and he is going to try and keep the pressure up as long as he has power. Gladly, all Presidents MUST step down and a new person will replace him. Bush did not start the ball rolling, that was done along time ago when W.R.Hearst ran the NEWS.(yes, Patty's Relations).
You had films like "Reefer Madness" that said smoking a joint would make you a crazed killer and rapist, then the war forced the government to do films like "Hemp for Victory". Then you got more stories about how Pot would make you passive and not want to fight. Well guys,which story are you going to make up now? Stick to one so we can blow it to bits and show the world the truth. NO ONE HAS EVER OVERDOSED ON POT!!! It makes some people nervous or sleepy or gigglely with a major case of the munchies, but not go crazy and kill someone. Give us a break.

All this is a Red Herring to force the medical and recreational uses of pot as the thing to fear and is trying to force the hemp plant in with pot plant catagory. Yes it is the same plant. If you want a higher THC level you grow and breed a certain type for that purpose. If you want fibre and nutrient rich seeds you breed for that type. It is simular to corn. You can breed for different qualities depending on the end use.
The Government in Canada knows the difference, but is afraid to mass produce hemp for fear of what Big Brother to the south will do. I say the same thing Trudeau said when he showed them the finger! We can do whatever the hell we want up here and if the US doesn't smarten up, we can sell our goods to a large Asian market. We sell our oil to the States. We sell just about everything else to the states. I say close the border for a month and see what the US would do! Knowing them, they would invade us (to protect their interests).
I am perhaps a bit out of line, but that is the way I feel. We have a Wonder-Weed that could be our salvation as a society, economy and environmentally yet we let a bunch of stupid, self-serving,greedy, egotists dictate what we can and cannot do in our own country.
That is my Rant for today.

How am I doing so far?

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Michael J. Kaer, president of Kaer Enterprises (.com) and

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Hemp

My Hemp

Maybe I should say our hemp, or the Planet's hemp or Earth Hemp.

Question: What has over 25,000 uses, can make non-poluting Gasoline,Alcohol and lamp oil,you can eat,you can wear and you can grow in your backyard?
Answer: HEMP!

This blog is dedicated to exploring the many uses of this fantastic plant as well as a place for me to vent my frustration at the stupidity and/or ignorance many governments(not just my own) have shown concerning this much maligned weed. May you find it useful.

Michael J. Kaer , President of Kaer Enterprises (.com) and
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