Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ingersoll Hemp Farm

Hi Folks.
I saw an article in last week's London (Ontario)Paper about a farm in Ingersol( my home town) that is growing Hemp. The farmer has 200 acres where 175 of the acres are the usual Corn and Soy with 23 acres dedicated to Hemp. He said that the hemp crop was his most important crop since the markets are down on all the other crops. He is basically saying he his getting much more for his Hemp crop than the other crops. He also talked about all the hassles of government regulations he has to put up with. One other fact was mentioned. He said it would be stupid to grow marijuana in a hemp field since the quality of the pot would be extremely low. Too much Hemp pollin would get in the way of producing a good Marijuana plant.

Once The Powers That Be get that through their collective thick skulls, they would put Hemp on the fast track as THE crop to grow. De-regulate NOW!

Michael J. Kaer, Author of "What Money Can't Buy"

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Seasonal update

Hi folks.

I have been so busy on the running on empty boards or ROE for short to get much writing done here. I am on ROE2, ROE3, ROEca and OWL ( old ways living) as well as others dedicated to alternative energy sources. Here is an update of what has been going on.
1) My house is nearly done. All they have left to do is put in the new furnace. Then the work of re-painting and getting rid of stuff and adding stuff begins. I had planned on doing something with my garage, but that did not happen.
2) My girlfriend's patio is now done along painting the front porch, fixing the front room and painting the bedroom door.
3) The CKOAP (Chatham-Kent Oil Age Planning) group is meeting on a regular basis and we just finished a SWOT of Chatham.
4) I have been buying supplies and so has my girlfriend. We have about 6 months worth of food. I have more months of liguid vitamins( I am aiming at having a year stocked up).
5) My Portal site is up and running. One of the gateway pages is . I am focussing on that site in my traffic exchanges that I am still using. The best one still is one of the older ones at
6) 2 of my books are for sale online at . Both are Peak Oil related, One directly and the other is a "How to" book on making Candles,Firestarters and Hobostove fuel cells.

I guess that is all for now.

Michael J. Kaer
Author of "What Money Can't Buy"

Ps. The local bulk food store is selling roasted & salted hempseeds and hemphearts(shelled hempseed)YEH!