Saturday, May 29, 2010

the backlash phase

Hi folks.

Medicinal Mike here. The 420 politics around legalization in the states is affecting the government of Canada. They are attempting to ram through manditory minimum sentences (which we know does not work and are being repealed in the states) and they have handed over Marc Emery. Marc, as we all know, is a big pain in the butt to lawmakers. They do not like having him around since he calls them on their crap all the time , every day. He has been at this for decades. He is a political prisoner who should be getting praise for the service he has performed, but instead gets the shaft. I think sending Marc to Jail is signalling the final phase in the battle to end prohibition. That phase is the backlash stage, just before everything we have been saying for years will suddenly become self-evident as common knowledge. Cannabis will be legal before or just after Marc gets out. 2015 is a long ways away. We nned to push all the harder for just a little while longer. It also means I have to step up to the plate and help with all the protests. One note on protests; I would rather fight FOR something then fight Against something. By focussing my anger on Dictator Harper and the Genicide he is embarking on, I am just giving him more power. I would rather foccus on Marc's freedom, which is a much higher, positive place to come from than anger.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Marc

I was one of 4 people who held up "Free Marc" and "Go Away DEA" type signs in protest of Marc's shameful incarceration outside MP Van Kesteren's office here in Chatham. I just made 3 new friends and outed myself to my community as a freedom supporter (or everyone just thinks I am a stoner and I just want to smoke legally). These rallies are going to help the movement BECAUSE of the comradery. Dictator Harper has been doing everything to devide us as he unleases genicide on a group of Canadians (look up that word, it means not only to kill a group of people but it also means to kill the culture, just like what happened when Native Children where kidnapped away from their tribes and brutely force to become "White", not allowing them their heritage and speach. We all know how baddly that blew up in the government's face).

We are uniting - We will not go away - We will win. Get used to it! The Truth can not be stopped.

Monday, May 10, 2010

So much to tell...

Hello folks.

There is so much to tell , but lets start with the most recent. Marc Emery is now officially going to the U.S. to serve an unjust, politically motivated, seed selling bust. Google Marc for more information (there is just so much!).

This last week or so a video shot by the police of a drug raid in the U.S. has sparked death threats from animal lovers all over the world. First off it showed that they did not even give the owner of the house a chance to get to the do before breaking it down. You can hear several shots and a dog being put down in another room and the police also shot a little tiny Corgi dog ( the same type of dog the Queen of England has). The dogs where shot while a child was still in the house. Apparently one officer missed the big dog, so that means there could be stray bullets with children around. That did not look good on the police as well. They say that all they found was a pipe and a grinder and a tiny amount. Is this proper use of taxpayer's money? Some think not. I have written about this as one of those tipping point events. The straw that broke the camel's back.

Bill C-15 is raised from the dead and renamed Senate bill s-10. The old versions of the bill were bad but I am grateful they died. This one could get rammed through since The Harper Dictatorship stacked the deck in the senate (this is one of those things he said he would never do!).

Many things could happen that could trigger an election immediately; one is the stand off between parliment and the party in minority power. The detainee papers must be shown to the other parties. That is the ruling of the house. If harper does not hand over the cleared documents, then he is in contempt of the government. The party could be stripped of power if the rest decided to form a group government that the G.G. could live with.

We live in exciting times. I will live to see legal cannabis everywhere. It will be legal in the States by the time Marc is done his sentance. Once it is legal there, Canada will be right behind them and Mexico too. From today forward, each day that passes brings the end to prohibition closer to reality. I am looking forward to the freedom!