Tuesday, September 07, 2010

RCMP Vs craigslist and prostitution

I know this does not have anything directly to do with hemp, but it does show what kind of governemt we do have that is willing to prosicute victimless "crimes" in order to fill the new prisons being built. I have to ask why build now when crime is at a 30 year low? Anyway , this is what I posted on my other blog kaerpackage.


I do not know if anyone else caught the bit in the article where it said that there was a push by the community AND THE GOVERNMENT!!! What the hell is the government doing wasting time and money on yet another victimless "Crime". Maybe it has something to do with all these new prisons they are build EVEN THOUGH CRIME RATES ARE AT A 30 YEAR LOW!!! Again that is just a big waste of taxpayers dollars and forcing a police state on us. We do not want both! Don't the RCMP have better things to do than worry about prostitution? They really must be getting desparate. I thought there was some real crimes for them to solve- if not then we can start to look at cutting the force numbers down. If becoming a bully to craigslist is all they have to do, then now is the time to seriously look at budget cuts.