Thursday, July 09, 2009

new ads

The MPP just came out with a new ad that is running down in California. It is getting many people very pissed off. Why would a simple ad get so many angry? Because it shows a common medical user as an older woman, kind of motherly talking to little children like. She made a very simple case to legalize it, where she wants to pay her taxes, but the government is refusing that offer. The last comment kind of hurt the most by saying the money generated can go to education of little children, that this governor has taken from the education system. The last words are "Isn't it time?". Everyone knows Arnie is caught between a rock and a hard place. This would be the best way of giving him a big out to legalizing. The others who are anti-pot hate the simple message since they have nothing to attack in it. The worst they can say is it sends a bad message to our children. What bad message is that? Would that be the message that people want to pay their taxes or the message that motherly older women can smoke pot? I do not see any negative message there.

While watching other YouTube debates on this subject I have people who are anti-pot say marinol can work, but the pro person said smoking works faster and better with less and had to repeat several times that people can vape or eat it as well. He also went on to say that the cannabinoids that come out of the smoke has many properties that work synergystically to help heal. He listed off many illnesses that medical marijuana could help and the anti-pot guy could not say it could not, they just change the subject and then try a scare tactic. If the pro person says no death by THC, the others say don't let them drive in cars high, causing crashes, kind of as the last arguement that they have left. They no longer even try to debate the non- leathal nature of it, other than the smoke MAY cause health concerns. The lies happen when the say "you will get such and such illness if you smoke this (new-stronger) pot".

Marinol is 100% THC which the drug companies say is safe. That is about 10 times as strong as the normal pot most people can get. I do not understand the logic. If a pill form is 100% THC and you can get that and use it safely, then why not something at 20%? The stronger pot is a godsend. Stronger pot means you only need a litle bit. You may pay more but you use less so it evens out. I can not see ANY downside to stronger and stronger pot( other than the fact tht I would get nothing done if I indulged. Stronger pot has more THC in it, therefore there would be less tar and other harmful stuff. Since we have already proved that 100% THC is safe wouldn't the logical response be that it is safer at higher levels? Logic often fall apart around ideologies.