Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hemp domes

Yah, I know, before you get on my case about not posting on my blog, I have to tell you I am now working 6 days a week so I have even less time to post here.

I am on certain social sites like facebook and and on one of them I met a fellow by the name of Hugh Simpson, who has a blog here called He has some good ideas about low cost housing and survival.

I suggested Hemp would be a great part of the materials he could tap into to make these low cost, grow-yer-own housing. As a side bonus to the great fibre hemp produces it is also a great food source, oil source and to top it of it takes CO2 out of the air. What more can you want from a plant? Why it is illegal to grow is beyond me. Any fool would know that if you wanted a good hemp harvest you would NEVER grow marijuana nearby. Like wise if you wanted a good marijuana harvest, you would make damn sure you would not grow it next to industrial hemp.
Your product would be ruined and it would stunt the growth of the next generation of hemp plants, which you want as tall as possible.

Stupid, stupid people in government are not allowing this plant to flourish. Or maybe they are very smart? If you want to control people, you have to take away their options and buy into yours. Right now that is fossil oil, but that is quickly running out( well actually just peaking, but the same thing in the long run). I better stop here before I go off on one of my really good rants about government stupidity/corruption.
Michael J. Kaer