Monday, July 26, 2010

Very Good Video- must see.

Here is the video about the Harper Government that is concise in it's arguements. This need's to go viral across the country and around the world.
I hope I embed this properly or this is going to be a short post!

The reason why I added it to my hemp blog is to show you that the attack on Medical Cannabis and proping up the flawed MMAR ( when it should be redone!)are just one more plank in the dictatorship's ideology. Enjoy and share.

Friday, July 16, 2010

G20 and other sore spots.

First off I want to give a shout out to my friend and fellow Marc Emery Freedom Fighter at; check out his activism!
I do not want to focus too much on the negative, but when just so much shit comes up, one must deal with it. Now we are asking for a full public inquiry and the Feds say it is the Province that has to do it, so this hot potatoe is going to bounce for a while. The longer they avoid doing it , the less respect we have for their leadership(not that we have much now). Another sore spot that is not even being covered is the passing of the omnibus bull(my spelling!). Just send us a note to tell us just how far we have to bend over...

We have an entire country traumatized or at the very least shocked. That is what the Nazi's did to the German Jews and other unwanted types. This is plain shock and awe tactics. They have killed off Jack Herer and locked away Marc Emery, so the 2 bigger voices of the freedom movement (which is also around the freedom to use Cannabis, the two are the same issue) are now silenced( at least that is the hope of the thugs in power). I see this as a historic period of time of maximum chaos just before the time reason comes back to the world. We are collectively insane because we have allowed prohibition and corruption to flourish. In November we have a chance to rip those walls of insanity down in California. Good luck to everyone.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Why does Stephen Harper Love Bikers?

Hi folks.

I have a serious question to ask. Why does our beloved prime minister love biker gangs so much? What he is doing by cracking down on the compassion clubs meanwhile creating massive delays at the MMAR is a whole class of people who have a legal right to use cannabis will be in pain for months or will be forced to go to the biker gangs to get their medicine. Everyone knows cannabis sales is the main money maker for the gangs. Why is harper forcing clients on them?

I am sure he does not see it that way, but his actions are speaking for him. I am not sure how much longer he will allow a pesky thing like our constitution or the charter of rights to stop his holy crusade -to rid the world of Crohn's sufferers, M.S., Cancer, AIDS & HIV+ and the like, by killing them. That is the only reasonable conclusion I can come up with to account for our PM's actions. All Con's out there that still support Harper - I ask you what his motives are? His logic escapes me. The other option is to finally admit that his policies have no rational thought behind them, no basis in science; that he is running strictly on Ideology. I guess that explains the genocide he is creating (look up the word genocide- it means to get rid of a type of culture or people). It is very un-christian of him to purposely kill off his own Canadian citizens (what am I talking about, this is the same guy who allowed Marc Emery to be shipped off to the gulag because Marc was a pain in the butt to the government -so they shut him up[as best they could] and he refuses to allow him back up here to serve his time), what is it called when a person purposely kills someone else? Murderer is the term I believe.