Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blame Yuwie

Hi folks.
I have been busy(don't I start my blogs often that way?)with the past election here in Ontario. The green Party Has doubled once again what vote we got from last time. I know my friend voted green and I know my Mom voted Green and My Dad may have voted green.Those are important votes as far as I am concerned. Since about half the voters turned out to vote that would mean our votes count as double. The people who did not vote have no right to complain. Me, I have bitchin rights. The green party is NOT the marijuana party, but it would be the first to legalize pot and therefore get rid of all red tape surrounding the growing of hemp.We feel it is a waste of taxpayer's money to fund "The war on drugs". It has been proven it does not work and inflating the "Take" from every pot bust(IE: every plant is worth $1000.00 each,maybe if every little bit is sold by the joint...get real)only gets people in poverty to do something illegal in order to earn a living. I am not saying pot is harmless, I am only saying it SHOULD be in the same class as alcohol and sold as such.

On another note I have also been busy on myspace, facebook and now Yuwie. The thing about Yuwie that keeps me going back and doing social stuff there is the fact that they PAY me to do what I was already doing on myspace and facebook. It is a no-brainer. If you have missed my famous rants-blame Yuwie.

Thats my story and I am sticking to it.

Michael J. Kaer

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