Friday, October 15, 2010

Prop 19- what will it mean to us Canadians?

Hi Folks.

We all know that whatever happens down in the States is going to affect us up here in Canada. We also know that a single Canadian -Marc Emery- is a huge influence on the freedom lovers in America. Our other Canadian Hero is Rick Simpson. If you have not heard of either one of them, just google their names and you can find out all about them. The other thing about Canada is it will eventually follow the lead of the States (but lag a few years). What Prop 19 is going to do is be the first domino in the fall of total world wide prohibition of Cannabis. The treaty they signed at the UN was signed almost 50 years ago when they did not have the studies to prove the safety and usefullness that Cannabis brings to the table. Time to scrap it. In California they will see a boom in cannabis tourism to the point that other States are going to get onboard to boost their economies.The second thing it will do is lower the cost of medical care. Many people will forgo pills when they know they can eat a candy or a brownie that will safely take away their pain. Many people who are diabetic or very much overweight will see their levels get better and weight will come off, because Cannabis helps regulate the body and tries to get it back to balance. Because of that many people will no longer be a burden on the healthcare system. Since we cannot say exactly how much taxes will be raised, I would put it to you this way; anything you get in tax money is more than you are getting now!!! The other side to that is police will now be able to concentrate on real criminals, not peaceful Cannabis Consumers. That should mean lower taxes and less police. The big story here is HEMP. Farmers in California will grow hemp once Cannabis is legal recreationally. If Obama tries to stop them, he knows he will not get re-elected. It would take a huge goon squad to try and shut down an entire State. He cannot afford to waste anymore time on this and just accept that it is going to go forward, no matter who is in the whitehouse. An Idea who's time has come cannot be stopped, only delayed. The Harper Dictatorship is also going to be swept away by this noble Idea.
By the time Marc Emery has served his time for his so called crime, it will be legal in most States. This is an historic time. Prop 19 is the deathnell of the prohibition industry and as the first domino falls, the others will fall just as rapidly. The other States will look to see what happens and when they see that Obama is hamstrung on this issue, they will also legalize it. How is it going to affect us Canadians? B.C. will be exporting Cannabis legally, which will ligitimize the industry there, other provinces will also join in as more and more States legalize and we will have an upswell in our economy as well. Pressure will be put to bear on the Government of the day (I do not expect the Harper Dictaorship to last the next election- Harper has pissed off his own people with his anti-democracy governing). It is just a matter of time. All the Naysayers are going to be drummed out of office in ALL governments because the rest of the world will jump on board when it has been shown to not cause any harm to society. Many people are going to be cured of Cancer which is going to be the biggest booster to legalization.That also means that TPTB who are doing all they can to kill off a huge portion of the population, will end up losing. People will life free and peaceful lives in about 50 years from now and global warming will be partially dealt with by using Hemp for fuel,paper and food. That means no more trees need be cut for paper which means more will be left standing, regenerating our O2. So many positives are going to happen as well as a few tragities as the last busts wind down, there will still be loss of life till all Cannabis busts stop. Period.
Buckle your seat belts folks, it is going to be a bumpy ride!