Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dictator Harper is a Pro Rogue

Our right unhonourable PM shut down the government thus ending Democracy in Canada as we knew it. The good news is bill C-15 is dead. The bad news is bill C-15 is dead and our Dictator will introduce it IN IT"S ORIGINAL FORM to try and shove his version and only his version down the unwilling throats of Canadians. How long can he hide from us? On a positive note many bills in the U.S. are passing for outright legalizing while new states are passing laws for medical use. Good for them. As the news gets out that this plant is far, far safer than all other drugs out in the world and it's ability to heal cancer ( and other illnesses) gets more press all the other states will eventually sign on. Then the rest of the world can ease up, Canada included. Us Canadians will have to find some way to endure our Dictator for as little as possible, since war crimes are part of the cover up this stoppage blocks temporarily. In the mean time the MMAR has (again) been found in position where it is deemed unconstitutional. How that will end, we do not know.

This blog has been suffering from a lack of posts this last year due to the fact that I do a lot of writing on sites like 420 mag and CC. I will try and post more here this year (my new year's resolution!)