Tuesday, March 21, 2006

update (still) on Shannon's site.

I ran into a spot of trouble when Shannon had asked for a certain font to be used on her site. I have never had to imbed a non-system font on a website before and the program I had to do it was causing me grief. I found a way to work around it and get the site looking closer to what she wants. I have to still add some more photos and update the prices. Once she hands me the shipping costs for her items, I can get to work on the shopping cart. It doesn't help that I had 2 emergency computer repairs to do for a friend and her mother this week. I may have been able to get abit more done on it. I also had to(wanted to)spend some time with my girlfriend and had a chance to visit her son and one of my friends in London,on the weekend.
No rest for the wicked!

Michael J. Kaer, owner of

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mystic Mountain

Hi Folks.
I have been working in my sparetime getting a webpage up and running for my friend Shannon who owns Mystic Mountain, our local hemp shop. I will be adding a paypal shopping cart in the next few days, but you can take a look at what she has one her site so far. Here is the address . Feel free to give me feedback on it. I will take your suggestions up with her.