Saturday, February 02, 2008

Pot vending machines

Down in LA where medical marijuana is legal by state law( but not by federal law) they have vending machines that despense marijuana. the system works well and it lowers the cost of the pot since you do not have to pay for someone behind the counter to despense the herb. The feds are coming in and busting these because Marijuana has been miss labeled a narcotic(which it is not),also since it is an herb the drug companies can not patent it , therefore make money off it.They put alot of pressure and money into keeping it illegal, while they pedal drugs whith a slew of side effects that do simular things but costs more and does more harm to the body. That is the main reason marijuana is still illegal. The drug dealers and the police want it kept illegal because the drug dealers want a high profit, low cost product to pedal and the cops want to keep taking money from the public to "fight the war on drugs" which , by their own admission they are losing. In tough times we get news in the paper of drug busts that the police estimate the value of the product at aproximately $1000.00 per plant. Desperate people who are working 2 or three part-time jobs to make ends meet may take a chance of about 1 in 5 of getting busted to make one or two bigs hauls of money to pay off their house or whatever. Then we in society have to deal with higher costs for insurance since the grow-opps ruin houses and become fire and health hazards.

What does this have to do with Industrial Hemp( the stuff you make rope and cloth, oil and food from)? It is simple- if government had any common sense they would legalize marijuana, tax it, make a ton of money from it, not have to pay huge amounts of money to the police to continue lossing a costly war and we would have a healthier population to boot.Then all barriers to hemp production would be lifted and the rest of society would benefit from a renewable source of paper and oil and food. It would save trees that would otherwise be cut down for paper pulp. That goes to show the governments that are suppressing this herb are stupid to such an extreme degree as to want a population that is sick and a healthcare system that does not work and lose a war on drugs it can never win to losing control of the people under their thumb. Hemp is legal in Canada, but you must have a lot of money and land in order to grow it(if you get permission to grow it). There are many factors involved, but the simple solution they can't stomach. Governments like control. They will hang on to it till it kills you. Think about that.