Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been busy writing over at 420 magazine and on twitter an a few other places so this blog has been neglected. It is not intentional. This is also harvest season, so my kitchen looks like a huge mess. I now have my card from Health Canada to legally smoke my medicine. Now that I have the (hard won) card, I have to follow all the rules. Here is one small problem I have. The rules seem to be in flux since the constitutional challenges have been winning. Our government is using our money to go against what the courts have ruled in our favour, trying to overturn the ruling or at the very least force the slowing down of progress as it gets mired in the courts.

I have the legal right to use cannabis as a medicine and I feel everyone who wants to use it should have access to it, without fear of any kind( and in a perfect world - no stigma) since it is proven to be the least harmful drug known to man. Fear holds me back from doing some of the activist stunts I would like to do. I have the fear that if I become too well known I will then be a target for robbery from local thugs and harassment from the police. Part of me wants to sit back and enjoy what "rights" I have. Why put myself in front of the firing line on purpose? Another part of me says, how can you sit back when you know how much pain and suffering is out there knowing this single plant can be the cure to many of our personal pains but also our economic woes and planetary woes?

I am fighting prohibition now so my child can raise her children in a post-prohibition world, a world of sanity and chance for peace. My question is how can I best do this without painting a target on my back or possibly putting my loved ones in harms way?

I am open to suggestions.